A Little History

Our Studio

Our Studio

History of Oggi Studios

On his way out the door to photograph a wedding 28 years ago, my husband, Stephan stopped on the porch, turned around and said, “Why don’t you come and photograph candids of the guests? I’ll meet you there”. I found a babysittter and thus started our wonderful, crazy life as commercial photographers. Even then we loved the creative capture of otherwise unseen moments.

We became a commercial and fine art studio, and a teaching workshop on the coast of Bristol, RI. Thus the name of our parent company, Bristol Workshops. The studio grew and evolved. We found a home of our own in Bristol, RI and continued our love affair with all things photographic.

And then the world grew. Really fast! Computers, and iphones allow clients to plan a Newport photo session from their office in SanFrancisco with a designer from NY City, clothing from NYC, and models from Boston. So we rebranded to give you Oggi photography, a tech savvy, innovative and fun loving company that offers you the photography and service that dreams are made of…today.