Ali and her family at the beach

Ali and her family met up with Julie on a perfect New England afternoon for sun, sand, wind and smiles. Their last family portait was in the same place when the kids were just babies. If they continue the tradition it will make for a really neat series that helps capture those years when life just seem to go by too fast. Photographer: Julie Location: Green Grass Beach, Bristol


Angela and Family in Westport

One of the joys of being a wedding photographer is being able to witness two people coming together and promise their love and devotion to each other. One of the joys of being an established studio in RI is being able to witness all the wonderful things that come after the wedding. We love to photograph people in every stage of their life and that includes when a family of two begins to grow! In June 2000 we photographed the wedding of Angela and Chad at Glen Manor House in Portsmouth, RI. Now, eleven years, two kids, two cats and one dog later we are still photographing this gorgeous couple plus their growing family. Julie spent a sunny afternoon at their Westport home and brought these photos back to share. Photography: Julie Location: Westport, MA


Carson and the Ocean

This is a story of little Carson and how he conquerred the ocean. He started out timidly stepping into the the waters and before long he was splashing and grabbing handfuls of sand. Carson’s mom and dad were there to swing him around and laugh and enjoy the late afternoon sun. Julie tagged along to photograph the adventure and witnessed the pure glee that came from Carson discovering the gentle shores of Sandy Point Beach. Photography: Julie


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