Have fun with Family wedding photos

At Oggi we prefer to call “formal photos” planned photos. Everyone cringes at the thought of standing in one place while all of the different family combinations line up next to you, the bride (and groom!) for myriad family photos. So rather than cringe, give us a list of planned, must have family photos so you can be done quickly and enjoy your party. (And remember to laugh alot!)


Oggi? How you say? Od-Gee!

Oggi? How you say? Od-Gee! from Scott Kingsley | David DelPoio on Vimeo. Oggi Wedding Photography in Bristol, Rhode Island (oggiphoto.com) is having a a bit of an identity crisis, having re-branded from trusty ol’ Bristol Workshops to Oggi Wedding Photography. Owner Julie Brigidi (not Italian!) gives little pronunciation lessons at the Newport Bridal Show, Feb, 20, 2010. Oggi means “Today” — as in “Today, I marry my best friend.” Video by Scott Kingsley / ascottkingsley.com , Music by Entertainment Specialists featuring Lois Vaughan Music.

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