Two RI Venues -The Biltmore Hotel and The Providence Public Library - One Elegant Cityscape Wedding

We knew this was going to be a wonderful and challenging wedding as soon as we met Laura. Wonderful because she is a brilliant, shining star and cool as a cucumber. Challenging because recording gorgeous images in the midst of Providence downtown traffic is always a dare. Scott and Devon were inspired - you be the judge! ( And yes, Amar did arrive on a white horse!)
Cheers to:
The Providence Biltmore Hotel | Flowers by Semia | The Providence Public Library | Russ Morin Catering


Crandall + Roddy, June 26, 2010 - At home

Crandall’s family farm was the site for this unique and magical wedding. Not only were the friends and family in attendance, but so were the dozens of chickens, cows, and family dogs. The stonewalls, hayfields and gardens gave us a perfect backdrop to photograph this celebration. And it didn’t rain! Scott and Devon photographed Catering by Max Ultimate Food. Beautiful flowers by Sayles Livingston Flowers Cake baked by Sweets by Michelle Music by Wonderbread Band


Enjoy! Some favorite photos from Oggi

I go through thousands of photographs every week, editing and enjoying all of the weddings we photograph. It’s fun, really fun to see how each celebration unfolds and how the joy builds. Here are some of my favorites from the last few weeks. Hope they make you happy. photo by Scott Kingsley


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