A Wedding in the Rain at Blithewold Mansion, Bristol RI

It’s fun and easy to blog about warm weather weddings in the sparkling sunshine. The evening shadows are rich with color, the setting sunlight is gold and everyone looks glorious. But, what about those few weddings that happen on dreary, rainy days? Take a look at this great Blithewold Mansion wedding where with luck and laughter we dodged the raindrops and used the flat grey backdrop to our advantage.​


Karen + Geoff, July 11, 2010 at Blithewold Mansion

 With family, friends and lots of children, Karen and Geoff enjoyed a relaxed summer party wedding at Bristol's most beautiful mansion, Blithewold.  Photographed by Stephan Brigidi and Kate Bowen  Russell Morin Fine Catering  Studio 539 Flowers  


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